Business Growth Depends On The Strength Of Your Team

RCM Technologies recently released its second quarter business results in an earnings call, which was promising. Personally, I am really proud of the results delivered by the IT Services, Consulting and Solutions division – thanks to my wonderful team.


  • Increased year-over-year growth by more than 20 percent.
  • Increased customer base by more than 35 percent.
  • New customers and organic growth include Bayada, Proskauer, Subaru, Loch Harbour, Knowledge Analytics, Smith and Nephew, Sarepta Thermo, DePuy, Regeneron and more.
  • Added several new initiatives to build thought leadership and RCMT’s digital presence and to engage with various professional and women in tech communities.

Let’s take step back.

Yes, I am used to turning companies around and seeing such results. So, why am I still proud of our accomplishments?

The reality is that we won’t be seeing such results if we didn’t have the right people doing the right things by our customers and partners. Our success depends on our people. Business momentum depends on our people. With a mix of our existing team and several new faces and new initiatives , we have re-energized the division, expanded our client-base and partnerships – all of which opens up new market and growth opportunities as well as attract talents of the future.

My philosophy to drive business success is to ensure we have the right people in the right roles first, and success and deliverables will follow. Our recent financial results are an indicator that this approach is working. Ultimately, success springs from team our people. It is their ideas, energy, smart decisions, and follow through which have led to our growth and increased profitability

Our division is by no means a big IT services firm. But we are focused on what we do best. And we have a strong team of leaders, we’re expanding on our proven areas of expertise, and furthering our Blue Chip clients and partnerships.

Thanks to strong team work, we are gaining back market share and market momentum. For this revived energy, I say thank you team. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Now, let’s focus on finishing the year strong and carrying the momentum into 2020.

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