Joe Unchained: Two Years In Shackles To Freedom.

The Backstory.

Joe was abandoned after category 5 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. He was in shackles, locked and alone in an abandoned house, with no food or water. Joe was all skin and bones when dog lover Carolyn Lozada discovered him, more than two years ago.

She brought food and water every day and nurtured Joe back to health, all the while talking to the neighbors to find his owner. Soon Carolyn learned that the owner had left Puerto Rico but comes back occasionally.

The Dilemma.

Carolyn is mom to several dogs and cats. She couldn’t bring Joe to the house before getting him tested and checked for behavioral issues.

All shelters were overloaded, hundreds of stray dogs were being euthanized after the hurricane, and Carolyn didn’t want Joe to be taken to a ‘kill-shelter’.

But when she found Joe had an ear infection, Carolyn knew she had to do more than keep him alive.  

The Rescue.

Carolyn contacted the local police department to help get Joe out of the abandoned house. She worked tirelessly to find a shelter that will help treat Joe and also find him a forever home.

Her hardwork paid off. With Officer John Morales and Janalle Sommer-Trigo of For the Love of Satos, Carolyn rescued Joe from his miserable situation. Joe is now being treated by a vet. Once he gets a clean bill of health, Joe will be heading to a shelter in Florida for rehabilitation. From there they plan to find Joe a loving home.  

Joe Being Freed From Bondage.

For The Love of Dogs.

RCM Technologies has teamed up with For The Love Of Satos to rescue Joe and help find him a loving home. A non-profit organization in Puerto Rica, For the Love of Satos rescues street dogs and works with U.S. shelters to find homes for abandoned pets.

Want to help?

You could contribute to Joe’s boarding, treatment, flight and rehabilitation process by donating to ‘For The Love Of Satos’, as well as help save the half a million dogs that have been abandoned in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes.     

Pay Pal:      
ATH movil:         +1 (787) 463-6479
Venmo:                @janalleFTLOS

Happy times. No more chains.

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