Meet RCMT’s Kalie Vaughn

Quarantine for Kalie means that she gets to spend some extra time with her 8 month old pup Maverick, exploring the mountains around Denver. If meeting her awesome dog wasn’t reason enough to convince the rest of RCM to have a retreat out there in Denver, the views would surely do it. Watch out Kalie; as soon as this quarantine is over, we’re coming your … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Kalie Vaughn

The Millennial Migration Part 2: Homeward Bound

In August of 2019, I wrote an article about the Millennial Migration, spotlighting the top cities that millennials flock to, places where they can afford to rent their own apartments while also being able to pay off their student loans. Almost a year later, the whole world has changed and many of those millennials have lost their jobs, suffered pay cuts, or have been forced … Continue reading The Millennial Migration Part 2: Homeward Bound

Meet RCMT’s Patrick Sawhill

It’s lucky Patrick lives out in Colorado, near some of the best hiking and adventuring spots in the US. When he’s not acting as a Sr. Technical Recruiter for RCMT, he’s climbing mountains with friends or taking his kids on some pretty cool adventures. Keep taking pictures of the beautiful mountains and amazing views Patrick; they’re making the rest of us here at RCM pretty … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Patrick Sawhill

Meet RCMT’s Melissa Moneuse

Melissa, a technical recruiter for RCM Technologies, can’t wait to get back to the office so she can once again collaborate with her team in person. And enjoy some adult conversation with her peers. When she’s not working, Melissa spends time with her husband and their sons Jackson and Carter. As a family they love to travel, dine out, spend their days at the beach … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Melissa Moneuse

What Does The Future Look Like For New Grads?

Already, thousands of universities across the country have cancelled or postponed their commencement ceremonies, long anticipated by college seniors to mark the end of their schooling. Internships are being cancelled left and right and summer travel plans, last dip efforts to enjoy freedom before having to begin full time work, are being delayed indefinitely. Those who’ve been offered jobs before they graduate aren’t safe either. … Continue reading What Does The Future Look Like For New Grads?

Meet RCMT's Stephen Polak

Stephen Polak’s two kids keep him on his toes 24/7. He is normally seen running after the children, watching them at sporting events or taking the family to Disney World. When he’s not being a dad, Stephen travels the Tri-state area as a senior account executive, helping RCM Technologies grow. On his bucket list is a trip to Italy — which is currently on hold … Continue reading Meet RCMT's Stephen Polak

Meet RCMT’s Arthur Henderson

As an integral member of our Long Island office, Arthur has his hands full as an IT account executive for RCM Technologies. When he’s not working, Arthur loves to travel with his wife and daughter or spend the day with his buddies — golfing in the sun. With warmer weather on the way, it’s only a matter of time before he’s back on the green. Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Arthur Henderson

Meet RCMT’s Vince Girardi

As soon as Vince and his new knee gets better acquainted, he’s going to take it for a test drive to Sicily and soak in the Italian sunshine. Until then, he’s focused on working hard as a technology recruiter here at RCMT. And when he’s not recruiting, Vince hosts family and friends for holidays and Sunday dinners and attend his sons sporting events. Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Vince Girardi

Despite the Rumors, Millenials Aren’t Afraid of Failure

While we’re part of the first generation to receive participation trophies and are suffering the results of helicopter parenting techniques, the fear of failure doesn’t plague millennials nearly as much as older generations may think. With new technology made available to us at very young ages, we’ve been given access to information more efficiently than any generations before us.  With that influx of information, our … Continue reading Despite the Rumors, Millenials Aren’t Afraid of Failure

Where Business Proficiency Meets Technology Expertise

RCM Technologies Bill Gargano was featured in CIO Review Magazine. Here is his take on the pharma and life sciences industries. Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are caught between a rock and a hard place, running hard to innovate and keep pace with changes brought about by digital technology. In the wake of fewer blockbuster drugs, smaller budgets, and increasing specialization and regulations, small and … Continue reading Where Business Proficiency Meets Technology Expertise

The Crux Of 2020 Career Goals For The Millennial

A new year means, as per usual, a new set of resolutions. In the case of the millennials like me, a career driven generation, we are looking for more than just a desk job and a raise. With the last millennial class graduating college in 2019, the new decade means we’re all grown up now and will soon be chased by the Gen Z graduates … Continue reading The Crux Of 2020 Career Goals For The Millennial