Meet RCMT's Myriam Santos

Myriam recently experienced the trip of a lifetime, exploring Italy and Prague — courtesy of her son. If she didn’t have her dream job waiting back for her at RCM Technologies in Puerto Rico, she might have been a little more sad to leave the Tuscan sunshine. We’re glad she didn’t let the Italian air hypnotize her too much though, as we would be lost … Continue reading Meet RCMT's Myriam Santos

What Would You Do To Get Your Student Loans Forgiven?

An article recently published by the NY Post revealed that 39 percent of graduates would prefer to spend a week in jail if it meant that their student loan debt would be forgiven. In a study where 1,000 undergrads and 1,000 post grads were asked what they would do in order to erase their student debt completely, in addition to going to jail, 51 percent … Continue reading What Would You Do To Get Your Student Loans Forgiven?

Meet RCMT’s Pedro Flores

Besides spending his summer working at RCM Technologies, Pedro watched his son graduate 8th grade with all honors. He also saw his step-daughter get married and welcomed his first grandchild – a beautiful baby girl, into the world. Phew… and we thought we had a busy summer. Hopefully next summer Pedro can relax a little with a glass of wine in a scenic Italian city. Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Pedro Flores

How Student Loans Are Holding Back The Millennials

The class of 2019 is the final class of millennials graduating college. That means that almost all post-grad millennials can be classified as adults, ready to embark on exciting new careers and milestones. Their life will be about graduating college, get a dream job, buy a car, a house, go on fancy vacations — and live happily ever after. At least, that’s the plan. You’ll … Continue reading How Student Loans Are Holding Back The Millennials

Meet RCMT’s Maddy Vega

Maddy is killing it as a recruiter and account manager. When she’s not working at RCMT’s Puerto Rico office or traveling around the island to visit consultants and clients, Maddy and her dogs love hanging out on their plantain farm with her husband and friends. And if they are both off from work, you’ll find the Vega family on the beach or boating on the … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Maddy Vega

Meet RCMT’s Kaylee Beal

Kaylee Beal has the heart of an adventurer. When she’s not at RCM Technologies’ Rockville office identifying the best candidates to fill technical roles, Kaylee is exploring new terrains by bike and searching for ocean views to practice meditation. If she encounters any unseemly character along the way, Kaylee can always show the individual how she earned her black belt in Martial Arts. Except of … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Kaylee Beal

Branding For The Millennial Consumer

Millennials are one of the most important demographics for businesses – probably because we spend more than any other generation, wielding about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Businesses are falling over themselves to make their brands more appealing to one of their largest consumers. Whether it’s making things more accessible online or taking a stand in political and socially cognizant ways, some brands are … Continue reading Branding For The Millennial Consumer

Meet RCMT’s Kathy Falcone

Kathy has been a recruiter with RCM Technologies since 2013 and is an expert at all things life sciences, which she is very passionate about. But her real passion lies in the arts. Whether it’s singing at her desk to practice the latest choir ballad for the NJ Conservatory or rocking out at her husband’s live shows, music is what her life is about. In … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s Kathy Falcone

Meet RCMT’s David Pena

In his imagination, David is Lin Manuel-Miranda — the lead in the musical Hamilton, belting out “Wait for It” on the Broadway stage. In reality, he’s been a human capital management expert at RCM Technologies for more than 10 years. He is also a tennis pro. We’re lucky to have him here, leading the HCM team. However, we wouldn’t mind if he’d start giving us … Continue reading Meet RCMT’s David Pena

Cell Phones: The Preferred Millennial Workplace Tool

More than any other generations, millennials were the first to use modern-day technology to their advantage. Most importantly, we took advantage of all the benefits that smartphones have to offer. We utilize the apps and their easy accessibility to the internet as a means of getting immediate answers to everyday questions — faster and more efficiently. It’s also the most convenient way to stay in … Continue reading Cell Phones: The Preferred Millennial Workplace Tool